Vb. – From the verb “expingere” (to push)

The word describes perfectly the voice of a tenor, who gives the sensation of pushing the voice out so that it can be projected with greater force and be more dramatism. A tenor needs to give all of himself to reach the highest notes. Translated into what we do, Spinto means we will push hard to give our clients the best results in every challenge they face.

In the current environment, communications needs are in constant change. There is a need for new and more dynamic models for external support in order to use communications efficiently and have the desired impact on key audiences, while achieving the desired goals in a timely manner.

Spinto is not simply another agency. It is a communications and strategic business shop with a mission to offer a wide range of comprehensive services that address our clients’ needs with tailor-made solutions.

It is not a comfort zone. It is not doing the same thing others do for a different fee. It is not offering by-the-book answers. We offer that extra push that is needed in order to get results that will leave a mark on the audience.Backed by our previous experience and by more than a decade of working with traditional PR firms, we have become aware of the fact that only by re-energizing the traditional framework can we become our clients’ right arm.

Spinto takes communications to another level and reaches that high note that really makes a difference.

Founded by Melissa Mochulske and Greta Shelley, Spinto officially started operating in January 2018.

Spinto Working Model

Communications are in constant evolution and require that we execute immediate and effective actions. Fortunately, because of current mobility, we are now closer than ever to achieving these goals. However, there are still external agents that most of the time do not allow for a timely execution.

Our priority is to offer our clients a service that is tailored to meet their needs and offer effective results. This is why we created our own working model.

The Spinto working model consists of an executive base-team that is complemented by a series of seasoned professionals all around the city, who fulfill different tasks and are on alert whenever there is a need to respond. By using this model, we can employ a group of people who have some kind of scheduling restraints, including professional women who head their households or people with disabilities that force them to work from home, or even people who simply want to earn extra income.

For example, a large and complicated account that requires senior executives to serve it at all times, will certainly receive that service. And work and time will be distributed in a much more efficient manner, with a “satellite” team handling anything from invitations or RSVPs, to press monitoring, translation work, or drafting press releases. Senior executives will then be able to truly focus on the account’s strategy and on seeking new communication opportunities.

We believe in the abilities of each person, and in their capacity to manage their own time. We have proven the efficiency of this model based on its final goal: to serve our clients with great results, to offer quality of life to our executives, and to give new opportunities for talented people who are not able to work in a conventional office environment.


Public Relations
Media Relations and Training
Crisis Management
Inernal and External Communication
Negotiations and Strategic Partnerships
Business-Government Relations
Social Networks
Digital Marketing
Event Productions and Logistics
Audiovisual Productions
Booking VIP Lecturers
Cosulting on Protocol and Public Image
Public Positioning for Top Executives
Workshops and Lectures tailored to meet the client´s needs

Spinto Talent is our division catering to our clients in the cultural field, particularly music: singers, composers, conductors, soloists, among others.

Our goal is to manage our clients’ commitments in Mexico and other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, contribute to position them in media in the region and be their representatives before authorities and cultural instances.

As our name points out, in Spinto Talent we are committed to provide personalized quality service, including that additional impulse that our clients need in order to achieve outstanding results and leave an imprint on their main audiences.

Our CEOs’ acquired experience in the cultural field, guarantees the excellence of the service provided by Spinto Talent.


Management – Booking – Public Relations – Digital Marketing


Public Relations
& Digital Comunication

Global Network

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Strategic Partnerships


Melissa Mochulske

Melissa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the Universidad Iberoamericana, specializing in media and markets.

After holding a position as an A&R (Artists & Repertoire) at EMI Music representing artists such as: RBD, Aleks Syntek, Ely Guerra, Fey, Plastilina Mosh, Eiza González, Chetes, Diego Boneta, among others, she migrated to the PR world in collaborations with 20thCentury Fox Home and Fox Sports.

In 2008, she was one of the founding partners at Eureka&Co., where for 9 years she headed the communications strategies for several major companies including: SAP, Zurich Insurance Group, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Renault, Hoteles Marriott, Cerveceros de México, Cartoon Network, Nokia, Orange Theory Fitness, 54D, Televisa Radio, Televisa Novelas, DJI Drones, Universal Pictures, and Sony Pictures, among others.

Currently Melissa also collaborates with Televisa Radio hosting radio programs such as WFM on WRadio and special events for 40 Principales.

Occasionally she also writes articles on travel for several publications.

Greta Shelley

Greta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana and Master’s Degree in Foreign Relations from Georgetown University, specializing in business-government relations. She also holds a Global Leadership Executive Certificate from Thunderbird School of Global Management (2016) and post-graduate studies in International Business from Berkeley University (2008) and in Business-Government Relations from Georgetown University (2012); she took a course on Promoting Culture and Tourism at the Instituto Matías Romero, of the Mexican Department of Foreign Affairs (2015), and a course on Cross Cultural Communications at Thunderbird School of Global Management (2017). She is also an expert on government and business protocol.

Prior to her founding Spinto, Greta held several positions at the Mexican Department of Foreign Affairs (1994-1999) in both the North America Division and the Secretary’s office. She was a graduate fellow at Kissinger Mc Larty Associates in Washington, D.C., (2001) and worked for Michael Storrs Music, London as a PR and Events Manager (2004-2008); at Zimat Consultores she was a Senior Consultant (2008-2013 and in 2017) and at ProMéxico Switzerland she was the Trade and Investment Commissioner for: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, and Bulgaria (2014-2017).

In communications, she has led accounts for The Body Shop, HP, Honeywell, Infosys, Huawei, Museo Amparo, MUAC, Amafore, Christian Louboutin, General Motors, London School of Economics, Fondo por el Agua de México, and MBA Tour, among others.

Greta an associate of the Mexican Council of Foreign Relations (COMEXI) and member of the board of Child Fund, Mexico since 2011.



Greta Shelley
Melissa Mochulske