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Both partners have more than 20 years of experience in public relations and corporate communication. Melissa on the entrepreneur side in her previous public relations agency and for over 7 years also in media as part of WRadio station talent. Greta has held high-level positions both in the public (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ProMéxico Switzerland) as well as the private sector (Kissinger McLarty Associates, Michael Storrs Music, and Zimat Consultores).


Is a term that perfectly describes a tenor who pushes his voice for it to be projected with more strength and acquire greater dramatism. It is a voice that requires full effort to reach the highest notes. In our context, it means that we will do our utmost to provide our clients with a service of excellence and the necessary impulse in order to exceed the expected result.

Spinto comes in a pair.

Both partners, from their respective fields of expertise, detected certain specific needs of clients that are essential to provide an effective service: presence and follow-up by the partner who participated in the tender as well as proactivity.
In today’s world, clients search for a firm that can deliver this additional ingredient that their brand, product or project deserve.
Spinto Greta Shelley Melissa Mochulske

Our Alliances

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