About us

Spinto was founded in January 2018 by Greta Shelley and Melissa Mochulske. Together, we have more than 30 years experience developing communication strategies for major brands such as: Google, Netflix, Grupo Modelo, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Renault, Toyota, SAP, Takeda, Zurich Insurance, 20th Century Fox, Fox Sports, Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures, Warner Pictures, Universal Pictures, Universal Music, Nokia, Huawei, Body Shop, Bank of America, ProMéxico, Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Swiss Embassy, ​​Televisa Radio, among many others.

Having had entrepreneurial experience and at some point worked in other Public Relations agencies, we decided to leave our comfort zone by creating a real, humane, honest, consistent, inclusive and, above all, effective communications firm. These attributes have proven to be our main differentiator from those firms that offer similar services; fortunately, our clients have come to recognize and appreciate them over time.


“Spinto” is a term that defines the type of voice of a tenor to perfection; it gives the sensation of pushing the voice so that it is delivered with more force and achieves more drama; it is a voice that requires giving its utmost to be able to reach the highest notes.

Spinto comes in a pair.

We are not a firm that only seeks to meet the needs of its clients; we are a team of professionals who seek to connect, add, share and team up with those who choose us as allies in order to go that “extra mile” that will make us grow together. This is precisely the essence of our name.
Spinto Greta Shelley Melissa Mochulske

Our Alliances